Parmesan Cheese  Reserve aged for a minimum of 36 months!

The golden yellow color is an indication of the long maturing.
This prolonged maturing process activates the protein transformations that give the Parmesan cheese its high quality organoleptic characteristics.
This cheese, the richest in nutrients, is drier, crumbly and grainy. The flavour is stronger and more complex in aroma. The notes of spices and dried fruit are predominant.

1 Kg = 18,40 €
Total * 18,40
*PLEASE NOTE, THE PRICE IS INDICATIVE: For this reason, the exact amount will be specified via e-mail following weighing.

A few years ago, the Dairy Due Madonne undertook a quality project which, by activating completely free from OGM supply chains even in animal feed, ensures that the cheese is free from OGM.

The objective of the project was to create a truly special Parmesan Cheese DOP that brings with it a guarantee of quality and safety, for the environment and for consumers.

100% NATURAL Parmesan Cheese is naturally lactose free*.

*the absence of lactose is the natural consequence of the typical process of obtaining Parmesan Cheese. It contains less than 0,01g/100g of galactose.

We recommend storing Parmesan Cheese in a vacuum in the refrigerator or in a cool place.
It can be exposed, for short periods, at room temperature without being damaged, but it is preferable to store it in a refrigerated environment in order to preserve its aromatic characteristics (between 2° C and 8°C).
If you notice, especially during the summer period, that the cheese has oozed because of the heat inside the vacuum, it is better to put it in the fridge before opening the package: it will be easier once it has cooled down to remove any oily patina with a paper towel.
Once extracted from the vacuum, the cheese should be stored in the refrigerator wrapped in the appropriate greaseproof paper for food or in hermetic glass/plastic containers, possibly not in contact with other foods and at an optimal humidity level.
It is recommended not to freeze Parmesan Cheese.